Ali Krieger Net Worth (2024)

Ali Krieger Net Worth (2024)

  • Name: Ali Krieger
  • Current Age: 37
  • Occupation(s): Professional Soccer Player
  • Date of Birth: July 28, 1984
  • Place of Birth: Dumfries, Virginia, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Debbie and Ken Krieger
  • Siblings: Kyle Krieger
  • Spouse: Ashlyn Harris
  • Net Worth: $3 million (2024)
  • Source of Wealth: Soccer contracts, endorsements
  • Brand Endorsements: Nike, Visa, Budweiser
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
  • Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)

Early Life and Education

Born on July 28, 1984, in Dumfries, Virginia, Ali Krieger grew up in a supportive family environment with her parents, Debbie and Ken Krieger, and her brother, Kyle Krieger. From a young age, Ali showed a passion for soccer, dedicating herself to the sport with unwavering determination.

Ali attended Forest Park High School, where her exceptional skills on the soccer field began to attract attention. She continued her education at Penn State University, where she played for the Nittany Lions women’s soccer team. During her time at Penn State, Ali excelled both academically and athletically, laying the foundation for her future success.

Career Beginning and Breakthrough

Ali Krieger’s professional soccer career took off when she was drafted by the Washington Freedom in the 2007 Women’s Professional Soccer draft. Her tenacity, skill, and leadership qualities quickly made her a standout player in the league. In 2010, Ali signed with FFC Frankfurt in Germany, where she continued to hone her craft and gain international experience.

However, it was her return to the United States and joining the Orlando Pride in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) that truly catapulted Ali to stardom. Known for her defensive prowess and versatility on the field, Ali became a key player for both the Orlando Pride and the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Career Achievements

Throughout her illustrious career, Ali Krieger has achieved numerous accolades and milestones. She has represented the United States in multiple FIFA Women’s World Cups and Olympic Games, playing a vital role in the team’s success. Ali was part of the U.S. team that won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015 and 2019, solidifying her legacy as one of the best defenders in women’s soccer.

Individually, Ali has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the sport, receiving honors such as the CONCACAF Women’s Player of the Year and being named to the NWSL Best XI. Her leadership both on and off the field has inspired a new generation of female athletes and fans worldwide.

Financial Insights

As of 2024, Ali Krieger’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. The primary sources of her income stem from her professional soccer contracts, endorsements with major brands like Nike, Visa, and Budweiser, as well as appearances and speaking engagements. Ali’s success on the field and her charismatic personality have made her a sought-after figure in the sports and entertainment industry.

Factors contributing to Ali’s wealth include her consistent performance as a top-tier defender, her marketability as a female athlete, and her involvement in various initiatives promoting gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights. By leveraging her platform and influence, Ali has not only achieved financial success but also made a significant impact beyond the realm of sports.

Expert Opinions and Insights

According to sports marketing experts, Ali Krieger’s combination of talent, leadership, and authenticity has positioned her as a role model for aspiring athletes and a valuable brand ambassador for sponsors. Her ability to connect with fans on a personal level and her commitment to social causes have enhanced her market appeal and solidified her place in the sports industry.

In a competitive landscape where female athletes are increasingly gaining recognition and opportunities, Ali Krieger stands out as a trailblazer who continues to break barriers and inspire positive change. As she continues to make strides both on and off the field, Ali’s influence and earning potential are expected to grow, further cementing her status as a respected figure in the world of soccer.


Overall, Ali Krieger’s journey from a young soccer enthusiast in Virginia to a World Cup champion and influential advocate reflects her unwavering dedication, resilience, and passion for the game. Through her achievements and contributions, Ali has become a symbol of empowerment and excellence, leaving a lasting impact on the sports world and beyond.

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