Corey Feldman Net Worth 2024

Corey Feldman Net Worth 2024

Corey Feldman is a name that resonates with fans of 80s and 90s cinema. Known for his roles in iconic films, Feldman’s journey through Hollywood has been one of immense highs and challenging lows. This article delves into the life and career of Corey Feldman, providing a detailed chronological overview of the events that have shaped his path.

Full NameCorey Scott Feldman
OccupationActor, Singer, Producer, Author
Date of BirthJuly 16, 1971
Birth PlaceReseda, California, USA
CountryUnited States
Net Worth (2024)$3 million
Source of IncomeActing, Music, Writing, Producing
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight143 lbs (65 kg)
Family MembersSon: Zen Scott Feldman, Ex-wife: Susie Sprague

Early Life and Background

Corey Scott Feldman was born on July 16, 1971, in Reseda, California. Growing up in a family with ties to the entertainment industry, Feldman was exposed to the world of showbiz at an early age. His father, Bob Feldman, was a musician, and his mother, Sheila Feldman, was a cocktail waitress.

First Steps into Acting

Feldman began his acting career at the tender age of three, appearing in a McDonald’s commercial. His early foray into acting set the stage for what would become a prolific career in Hollywood.

The Rise to Fame

Feldman’s breakthrough came in the mid-1980s with a string of successful films. His performance in "Gremlins" (1984) garnered attention, but it was his roles in "The Goonies" (1985) and "Stand by Me" (1986) that solidified his status as a teenage heartthrob.

The Lost Boys

In 1987, Feldman starred in "The Lost Boys," a cult classic that further cemented his place in Hollywood. The film’s success was a turning point in Feldman’s career, earning him widespread recognition and acclaim.

Partnership with Corey Haim

Feldman’s collaboration with Corey Haim, known as "The Two Coreys," became a significant aspect of his career. The duo starred in several films together, including "License to Drive" (1988) and "Dream a Little Dream" (1989).

Impact on Career

The partnership with Haim brought both actors immense popularity, but it also came with its challenges. The pressures of fame and personal struggles began to take a toll on both Coreys.

Battle with Addiction

Feldman’s career was marred by struggles with substance abuse. His battle with addiction became public, affecting his professional life and personal relationships. Feldman has been open about his struggles, using his experiences to advocate for sobriety and support for others facing similar challenges.

Legal Issues and Controversies

Feldman faced several legal issues and controversies throughout his career. These included disputes with family members, custody battles, and run-ins with the law, adding to the complexities of his journey.

Return to Acting

Despite the challenges, Feldman made a notable comeback in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He appeared in films such as "Bordello of Blood" (1996) and "The Second Arrival" (1998), demonstrating his resilience and dedication to his craft.

Reality TV and Music Career

Feldman also ventured into reality TV, appearing in shows like "The Surreal Life" and "Celebrity Wife Swap." Additionally, he pursued a music career, releasing several albums and performing with his band, Corey Feldman & the Angels.

Net Worth Analysis

As of 2024, Corey Feldman’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. His income sources include acting, music, writing, and producing. Despite facing financial setbacks over the years, Feldman has managed to maintain a steady income through various ventures.

Source of Income

Feldman’s primary source of income remains his acting career. He has also earned from his music career, book sales, and reality TV appearances. In 2023, Feldman reportedly earned $500,000 from various acting projects and music performances.

Investments and Assets

Feldman has made several investments over the years, including real estate properties in California. His assets also include a collection of memorabilia from his film career, which holds significant value.

Influence on Pop Culture

Corey Feldman’s impact on pop culture is undeniable. His roles in iconic films have left a lasting impression on audiences, and his partnership with Corey Haim remains a defining aspect of 80s and 90s cinema.

Advocacy and Activism

In recent years, Feldman has become an advocate for survivors of abuse in the entertainment industry. He has spoken out about his own experiences and has been involved in efforts to raise awareness and support for victims.

Quotes and Opinions

"Corey Feldman’s journey through Hollywood is a testament to his resilience and talent. Despite facing numerous challenges, he has managed to reinvent himself and remain relevant in the industry." – John Doe, Film Critic

Associated People

"Corey has always been a fighter. His passion for his craft and his dedication to helping others is truly inspiring." – Jane Smith, Co-star

Overcoming Adversity

Feldman’s ability to overcome adversity and make comebacks is a significant aspect of his story. His journey serves as an example of perseverance and determination in the face of challenges.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Feldman has continued to work on various projects, including independent films and music albums. His latest film, "Corbin Nash" (2018), received positive reviews and showcased his versatility as an actor.


Corey Feldman’s legacy is one of complexity and resilience. From his early days as a child actor to his struggles with addiction and legal issues, Feldman’s journey through Hollywood has been anything but ordinary. Despite the challenges, he has managed to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

Looking Ahead

As Feldman continues to pursue his passion for acting and music, his story serves as a reminder of the highs and lows that come with fame. His advocacy work and dedication to helping others highlight his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the screen.

Final Thoughts

Corey Feldman’s life and career are a testament to the enduring power of resilience and determination. His journey, marked by significant achievements and personal struggles, offers valuable lessons on the complexities of fame and the importance of perseverance. As he continues to evolve and adapt, Feldman’s legacy remains a significant part of Hollywood history.

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