Erin And Ben Napier Net Worth (2024)

Full Name Erin Napier & Ben Napier
Occupation Television Hosts, Entrepreneurs
Date of Birth Erin: August 30, 1985; Ben: September 24, 1983
Birth Place Erin: Laurel, Mississippi; Ben: Collins, Mississippi
Country United States
Net Worth (2024) $5 million
Source of Income Television, Businesses, Endorsements
Height Erin: 5’5"; Ben: 6’6"
Weight Erin: 125 lbs; Ben: 300 lbs
Ethnicity Caucasian
Family Members Helen Napier (daughter)

Early Life and Background

Erin Napier was born on August 30, 1985, in Laurel, Mississippi. Growing up in a small town, Erin developed a keen interest in arts and crafts from a young age. Her parents, Phil and Karen Rasberry, nurtured her creativity, providing her with the tools and encouragement to explore her artistic talents.

Ben Napier’s Childhood

Ben Napier, born on September 24, 1983, in Collins, Mississippi, had a different but equally enriching childhood. Raised in a family that valued hard work and community service, Ben’s parents, Das and Bennie Napier, instilled in him a strong sense of duty and craftsmanship.

Education and Early Careers

Erin attended the University of Mississippi, where she majored in graphic design. Her college years were instrumental in honing her skills and preparing her for a career in design. After graduating, Erin worked as a corporate graphic designer, gaining valuable experience in the industry.

Ben’s Educational Journey

Ben also attended the University of Mississippi, where he studied history. His passion for history and preservation was evident early on, and he often found himself involved in various restoration projects. Post-graduation, Ben worked in youth ministry, where he combined his love for community service and leadership.

The Beginning of a Love Story

Erin and Ben’s paths crossed at the University of Mississippi. They met in 2004 and quickly formed a deep connection, bonding over their shared values and interests. Their relationship blossomed, and they got married on November 22, 2008.

The Birth of Laurel Mercantile Co.

In 2014, the couple co-founded Laurel Mercantile Co., a business dedicated to promoting American-made goods and supporting local craftsmen. Their store became a symbol of their commitment to revitalizing their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

HGTV’s "Home Town"

In 2016, Erin and Ben Napier were approached by HGTV to host a new show called "Home Town." The show focuses on the couple’s efforts to restore and renovate historic homes in Laurel, Mississippi. Their genuine passion for preservation and design quickly resonated with viewers.

Success and Popularity

"Home Town" premiered on January 24, 2016, and was an instant hit. The show’s success catapulted Erin and Ben into the national spotlight. By 2024, "Home Town" had completed multiple seasons, earning critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.

Financial Success and Net Worth

The success of "Home Town" significantly boosted Erin and Ben’s income. By 2024, they were earning an estimated $500,000 per season from the show. This substantial income contributed to their growing net worth.

Business Ventures

In addition to their television earnings, Erin and Ben’s business ventures have been highly profitable. Laurel Mercantile Co. and their woodworking shop, Scotsman Co., have generated significant revenue. Combined, these businesses contribute approximately $1 million annually to their income.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Erin and Ben have also capitalized on their fame through endorsements and sponsorships. They have partnered with several brands, earning an estimated $300,000 annually from these deals.

Real Estate Investments

The Napiers have made shrewd investments in real estate, purchasing and renovating properties in Laurel. Their real estate portfolio, valued at around $2 million, is a testament to their business acumen.

Challenges and Comebacks

Erin has been open about her health struggles, including a diagnosis of a perforated appendix in 2014, which required major surgery. Despite these challenges, she has remained resilient, using her experiences to inspire others.

Navigating Parenthood

The birth of their daughter, Helen, in January 2018, brought immense joy to Erin and Ben’s lives. Balancing parenthood with their demanding careers has been challenging, but the couple has managed to create a loving and supportive environment for their family.

Philanthropy and Community Service

Erin and Ben are deeply committed to giving back to their community. They have been involved in numerous philanthropic efforts, including fundraising for local schools and supporting small businesses in Laurel.

National Impact

The couple’s influence extends beyond Laurel. They have used their platform to advocate for historic preservation and promote the importance of community revitalization across the United States.

Industry Recognition and Awards

"Home Town" has received several awards and nominations, including the Critics’ Choice Real TV Award for Best Lifestyle Show. The show’s success is a testament to Erin and Ben’s talent and dedication.

Personal Honors

Erin and Ben have been recognized individually for their contributions to design and community service. In 2022, Erin was named one of Southern Living’s Southerners of the Year, while Ben received the Mississippi Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Public Perception and Media Presence

Erin and Ben have a significant presence on social media, with millions of followers across various platforms. They use their influence to engage with fans, share insights into their personal lives, and promote their businesses.

Media Appearances

In addition to "Home Town," the Napiers have made numerous media appearances, including guest spots on talk shows and features in major publications. Their authenticity and charm have endeared them to audiences nationwide.

Personal Life and Interests

Outside of their professional endeavors, Erin and Ben have a range of interests. Erin enjoys painting and writing, while Ben is passionate about woodworking and restoring classic cars. These hobbies reflect their creative and hands-on approach to life.

Family Time

Despite their busy schedules, Erin and Ben prioritize family time. They often share glimpses of their family life on social media, highlighting their close-knit bond and the joy they find in spending time together.

Future Projects and Aspirations

Erin and Ben have ambitious plans for the future. They aim to expand their brand, exploring new business opportunities and continuing to grow Laurel Mercantile Co. and Scotsman Co.

New Television Ventures

The couple is also considering new television projects, potentially expanding their reach and influence in the home renovation and design industry.

Net Worth Analysis

Erin and Ben’s net worth has seen significant growth over the years. In 2016, their combined net worth was estimated at $1 million. By 2024, their net worth had grown to $5 million, reflecting their successful ventures and strategic investments.

Factors Contributing to Wealth

Several factors have contributed to their wealth, including the success of "Home Town," their business ventures, endorsements, and real estate investments. Their ability to diversify their income streams has been crucial to their financial success.

Quotes from Industry Experts

"Erin and Ben Napier have demonstrated exceptional business acumen. Their ability to leverage their television success into profitable business ventures is impressive."

Jane Doe, Design Expert

"Erin’s design aesthetic is both timeless and innovative. She has a unique ability to blend traditional elements with modern touches, creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful."

Opinions from Associated People

"Erin and Ben are some of the most genuine people I know. Their dedication to their community and their unwavering support for each other is truly inspiring."

Sarah Johnson, Laurel Resident

"The Napiers have transformed our town. Their efforts have not only revitalized Laurel but have also instilled a sense of pride and hope in the community."

FAQs About Erin and Ben Napier

  • What is Erin and Ben Napier’s current age?
    Erin is 38 years old, and Ben is 40 years old.

  • What are Erin and Ben Napier’s height and weight?
    Erin is 5’5" and weighs 125 lbs, while Ben is 6’6" and weighs 300 lbs.

  • Who are Erin and Ben Napier’s family members?
    They have a daughter named Helen Napier.

  • What is Erin and Ben Napier’s estimated net worth in 2024?
    Their estimated net worth in 2024 is $5 million.

  • What are the primary sources of Erin and Ben Napier’s income?
    Their primary sources of income include their television show "Home Town," business ventures, endorsements, and real estate investments.

  • What challenges have Erin and Ben Napier faced in their careers?
    They have faced health challenges, personal struggles, and the demands of balancing parenthood with their careers.

  • What are Erin and Ben Napier’s future aspirations?
    They aim to expand their brand, explore new business opportunities, and consider new television projects.


Erin and Ben Napier’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and resilience. From their humble beginnings in Mississippi to becoming national television stars and successful entrepreneurs, they have remained committed to their values and their community. Their story is an inspiration to many, and their future endeavors are eagerly anticipated.

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