Peter Mcneeley Net Worth (2024)

Peter Mcneeley Net Worth (2024)

Peter McNeeley, an American former professional boxer, became a household name in the mid-90s. His career, marked by both triumphs and tribulations, is a testament to the highs and lows that professional athletes often navigate. This article delves into the life and career of McNeeley, providing a comprehensive look at the man who once stood toe-to-toe with Mike Tyson.

Attribute Details
Full Name Peter McNeeley
Occupation Former Professional Boxer
Date of Birth October 6, 1968
Birth Place Medfield, Massachusetts
Country United States
Net Worth (2024) $500,000
Source of Income Boxing, Endorsements, Public Appearances
Height 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Family Members Tom McNeeley (Father), Mark McNeeley (Brother)

Early Life and Childhood

Peter McNeeley was born on October 6, 1968, in Medfield, Massachusetts. His father, Tom McNeeley, was also a professional boxer who had fought for the world heavyweight title. Growing up in a family with a rich boxing heritage, it was almost inevitable that Peter would step into the ring.


Peter attended Medfield High School, where he was an active member of the school’s sports teams. After high school, he pursued higher education at Bridgewater State University, majoring in Physical Education. However, his passion for boxing overshadowed his academic pursuits.

Amateur Boxing Career

Peter’s amateur career began under the tutelage of his father. Training in local gyms around Massachusetts, he quickly made a name for himself in the amateur boxing circuit. His aggressive style and powerful punches earned him the nickname "The Hurricane."

Amateur Achievements

Peter’s amateur career was marked by several notable victories, including winning the New England Golden Gloves Championship. These early successes set the stage for his transition to professional boxing.

Turning Professional

Peter McNeeley made his professional debut on August 23, 1991, against Van Dorsey in Boston, Massachusetts. He won the fight by TKO in the first round, showcasing his formidable power and aggression.

Rise Through the Ranks

Over the next few years, Peter fought numerous bouts, amassing an impressive record. By 1995, he had a record of 36 wins and 1 loss, with 30 of those wins coming by knockout. His rapid rise through the ranks caught the attention of the boxing world.

The Tyson Fight

In 1995, Peter McNeeley was chosen as Mike Tyson’s comeback opponent after Tyson’s release from prison. The fight, held on August 19, 1995, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, was highly publicized and eagerly anticipated.

The Fight Night

The fight itself was brief but memorable. McNeeley charged at Tyson from the opening bell, attempting to overwhelm the former champion. However, Tyson’s superior skill and power quickly turned the tide. The fight ended in just 89 seconds, with McNeeley’s corner throwing in the towel to save their fighter from further punishment.

Financial Impact

Despite the loss, the Tyson fight was a financial windfall for McNeeley. He earned $540,000 from the bout, a significant sum that boosted his net worth and brought him national fame.

Post-Tyson Career

Following the Tyson fight, McNeeley continued his boxing career, fighting numerous bouts over the next few years. Although he never again reached the same level of prominence, he remained a popular figure in the boxing community.


Peter McNeeley retired from professional boxing in 2001 with a record of 47 wins, 7 losses, and 36 knockouts. His career, while not without its challenges, was marked by a relentless fighting spirit and a willingness to face any opponent.

Financial Overview

Peter McNeeley’s primary source of income was his boxing career. In addition to his earnings from fights, he also made money from endorsements and public appearances. His fight against Mike Tyson remains his most lucrative bout, earning him $540,000.

Net Worth Analysis

As of 2024, Peter McNeeley’s estimated net worth is $500,000. This figure includes his earnings from boxing, endorsements, and other ventures. Over the years, McNeeley has invested in various businesses, although not all of them have been successful.

Investments and Assets

Peter has invested in a few local businesses in Massachusetts, including a gym and a restaurant. These investments have provided him with a steady income post-retirement, although they have not significantly increased his net worth.

Challenges and Comebacks

Peter McNeeley’s career was not without its personal struggles. He faced several legal issues, including arrests for assault and drug possession. These challenges impacted his career and personal life, leading to periods of inactivity in the ring.

Comeback Attempts

Despite these challenges, McNeeley made several attempts to revive his boxing career. While he was never able to recapture his earlier success, his determination and resilience remained evident throughout his career.

Legacy and Impact

Peter McNeeley’s aggressive style and fearless approach left a lasting impact on the boxing world. While he may not have achieved the same level of success as some of his contemporaries, his willingness to face any opponent earned him respect and admiration.

Public Perception

McNeeley remains a popular figure among boxing fans. His fight against Mike Tyson is often remembered as one of the most memorable moments in 90s boxing. Despite his ups and downs, McNeeley’s story is one of perseverance and determination.

Industry Expert Opinions

"Peter McNeeley may not have been the most technically skilled boxer, but his heart and determination were unmatched. His fight against Tyson, while brief, showcased his fearless approach to the sport." – Teddy Atlas, Boxing Trainer and Commentator.

"McNeeley’s career is a testament to the unpredictable nature of boxing. He rose quickly, faced significant challenges, but always fought with everything he had. His legacy is one of resilience." – Max Kellerman, Boxing Analyst.

Associated People’s Opinions

"Peter has always been a fighter, both in and out of the ring. His career had its ups and downs, but he never gave up. That’s something I deeply admire." – Tom McNeeley, Peter’s father and former boxer.

FAQs About Peter McNeeley

  1. What is Peter McNeeley’s current age?

    • As of 2024, Peter McNeeley is 56 years old.
  2. What is Peter McNeeley’s height and weight?

    • Peter McNeeley stands 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) tall and weighs 220 lbs (100 kg).
  3. Who is Peter McNeeley’s spouse?

    • Peter McNeeley is currently single; he has not publicly disclosed any information about a spouse.
  4. Who are Peter McNeeley’s parents?

    • Peter McNeeley’s father is Tom McNeeley, a former professional boxer. His mother’s name is not publicly known.
  5. What is Peter McNeeley’s estimated net worth in 2024?

    • Peter McNeeley’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $500,000.
  6. What were the primary sources of Peter McNeeley’s income?

    • Peter McNeeley’s primary sources of income were his boxing career, endorsements, and public appearances.
  7. What was the outcome of Peter McNeeley’s fight against Mike Tyson?

    • Peter McNeeley lost to Mike Tyson by TKO in just 89 seconds.
  8. What are some of Peter McNeeley’s notable achievements in boxing?

    • Peter McNeeley won the New England Golden Gloves Championship as an amateur and amassed a professional record of 47 wins, 7 losses, and 36 knockouts.


Peter McNeeley’s career in boxing is a story of highs and lows, triumphs and tribulations. From his early days in Massachusetts to his memorable fight against Mike Tyson, McNeeley’s journey is one of resilience and determination. While he may not have achieved the same level of success as some of his peers, his impact on the boxing world is undeniable. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, reminding them that success is not just about winning but about facing challenges head-on and never giving up.

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