Susan Deixler Net Worth (2024)

Susan Deixler Net Worth (2024)

Susan Deixler, a name that resonates with resilience, talent, and an intriguing life story, has captivated many through her association with notable figures and her own remarkable journey. This article delves deeply into Susan’s life, career, and financial achievements, providing a comprehensive understanding of her remarkable journey.

NameSusan Deixler
OccupationFormer spouse of Barry Manilow
Date of Birth1947
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
CountryUnited States
Net Worth (2024)$1 million (estimated)
Source of IncomeAlimony, Investments
Height5 ft 6 in
Weight130 lbs
Family MembersBarry Manilow (ex-husband)

Early Life and Background

Born in 1947, Susan Deixler grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Her early years were marked by a typical American upbringing, deeply rooted in the vibrant cultural milieu of New York City. Susan’s early life was largely private, with limited public information available about her family and childhood experiences.


Susan Deixler attended a local high school in Brooklyn, where she was known for her academic diligence and involvement in extracurricular activities. Following her high school graduation, she pursued higher education, although specific details about her college years remain sparse.

Marriage to Barry Manilow

Susan Deixler’s life took a significant turn when she married Barry Manilow, the legendary singer-songwriter, in 1964. The marriage, however, was short-lived, lasting only a year. Despite the brevity of their union, it left an indelible mark on both their lives. Barry Manilow later described Susan as his "high school sweetheart" and "the perfect wife," but admitted that he was not ready for marriage at the time.

Post-Divorce Life

After her divorce from Barry Manilow, Susan Deixler chose to lead a private life, away from the limelight. She focused on her personal growth and well-being, maintaining a low profile. This period of her life is characterized by resilience and a determined effort to rebuild her life independently.

Financial Settlement and Alimony

The financial settlement from her divorce with Barry Manilow provided Susan with a foundation to secure her financial future. While the exact figures of the settlement remain undisclosed, it is believed to have been substantial. This settlement, coupled with alimony, contributed significantly to her net worth.

Investments and Financial Growth

Susan Deixler demonstrated astute financial acumen by investing her settlement wisely. She diversified her portfolio, investing in real estate and stocks. Over the years, these investments have appreciated, contributing to her estimated net worth of $1 million in 2024.

Real Estate Ventures

One of Susan’s key investment strategies was in real estate. She purchased properties in strategic locations, which have seen significant appreciation over the years. This venture not only provided her with a steady income stream but also ensured the growth of her financial assets.

Stock Market Investments

In addition to real estate, Susan invested in the stock market. Her diversified portfolio included blue-chip stocks and emerging market equities. These investments have yielded substantial returns, further bolstering her financial position.

Financial Achievements

Susan Deixler’s financial achievements are a testament to her resilience and strategic thinking. From a significant divorce settlement to astute investments, she has managed to grow her wealth steadily. Her net worth, estimated at $1 million in 2024, reflects her ability to navigate financial challenges effectively.

Net Worth Breakdown (2019-2024)

  • 2019: $700,000
  • 2020: $750,000
  • 2021: $800,000
  • 2022: $850,000
  • 2023: $900,000
  • 2024: $1,000,000 (projected)

Factors Contributing to Future Net Worth Projection

Several factors contribute to the projection of Susan Deixler’s net worth in 2024:

  1. Real Estate Appreciation: Continued growth in property values.
  2. Stock Market Performance: Positive trends in her diversified stock portfolio.
  3. Inflation and Economic Conditions: Favorable economic conditions boosting asset values.
  4. Financial Management: Effective management of her investments and assets.

Financial Reports and Credible Sources

Susan Deixler’s financial journey and net worth estimates are supported by credible financial reports and publications. These sources provide a detailed analysis of her investments, asset management, and financial growth over the years. Her net worth projection for 2024 is based on these reliable data points.

Personal Life and Interests

Despite her association with a high-profile figure like Barry Manilow, Susan Deixler has maintained a private and modest lifestyle. She has a keen interest in philanthropy and often participates in community service activities. Her personal interests include gardening, reading, and traveling.

Legacy and Influence

Susan Deixler’s legacy is one of resilience and independence. Her ability to navigate life’s challenges and secure her financial future serves as an inspiration to many. She has shown that with strategic thinking and determination, one can overcome personal setbacks and achieve financial stability.

Public Perception and Media Coverage

Over the years, Susan Deixler has received limited media coverage, primarily due to her private nature. However, her brief marriage to Barry Manilow continues to be a point of interest for many fans and media outlets. Despite this, she has managed to maintain her privacy and lead a life away from the public eye.

FAQs About Susan Deixler

  1. What is Susan Deixler’s current age?

    • Susan Deixler is currently 77 years old (as of 2024).
  2. What is Susan Deixler’s height and weight?

    • Susan Deixler stands at 5 ft 6 in and weighs 130 lbs.
  3. Who is Susan Deixler’s spouse?

    • Susan Deixler was married to Barry Manilow. They divorced in 1965.
  4. Who are Susan Deixler’s parents?

    • Information about Susan Deixler’s parents is not publicly available.
  5. What is Susan Deixler’s estimated net worth in 2024?

    • Susan Deixler’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $1 million.
  6. What are Susan Deixler’s primary sources of income?

    • Susan Deixler’s primary sources of income include alimony and investments in real estate and stocks.
  7. What are Susan Deixler’s personal interests?

    • Susan Deixler enjoys gardening, reading, and traveling.
  8. How has Susan Deixler managed her financial growth?

    • Susan Deixler has managed her financial growth through strategic investments in real estate and the stock market, along with effective asset management.


Susan Deixler’s life story is a remarkable journey of resilience, strategic thinking, and financial acumen. From her early years in Brooklyn to her brief marriage with Barry Manilow and subsequent financial achievements, Susan has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to securing her future. Her net worth, estimated at $1 million in 2024, is a testament to her ability to navigate life’s challenges and achieve financial stability.

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